Pilates Sessions

Private Pilates Sessions

In the private Pilates sessions are tailored to your individual needs.  They are good for people who want more attention and less distraction.  We focus on any area of concern or condition you may have.  Exercises are done on all apparatus.

  • 1 session $70
  • 4 sessions $272 ($68 ea.)
  • 8 sessions $520 ($65 ea.)
  • 12 sessions $720 ($60 ea.)

Semi-Private Pilates Sessions

Our Semi-private Pilates sessions are similar to privates but are shared with 2 or  3 people. We still focus on your individual concerns and may use all apparatus. You can come with friends or we can put you with others.

  • 1 session $50 per person
  • 4 sessions $192 ($48 ea.)
  • 8 sessions $360 ($45 ea.)
  • 12 sessions $480 ($40 ea.)

All our packages are paid by the calendar month and expire at the end of the month. We ask that you schedule your appointments weekly. Once scheduled, the appointment is yours. If you need to cancel an appointment within 24 hours, you may make it up that week at another time. We will not carry it over to the next week. Pay for the month and schedule for the week ahead.

Fundamental  Pilates  Sessions

The Studio requires two fundamental private Pilates sessions before joining a Reformer class or semi-private session. In these two sessions, we do a Postural evaluation and obtain your health history.  We teach you the fundamentals of Pilates; breathing, body placement, proper alignment and movement sequencing. We also teach you how to set up the reformer and practice a few exercises. You’ll then be ready to join in the fun!

  • 2 sessions $140

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