Pilates Classes

Each Pilates class is $25 paid for in advance for the month. For example,  the Mon. Wed. 9:00 am class may have 8 classes in that month so the amount would be $200.

Most Pilates classes meet twice a week. Your commitment is a calendar month though initially, you may join a class at any time during the month and commit until the end of that month.  If you plan on signing up for the following month, we ask that you pay by the 25th to hold your spot.

Like Tennis, Yoga or Dance, Pilates is a practice. That’s why we ask for a month’s commitment. As when you learn to serve in tennis, the more you do it the stronger your serve will be. The more you put into your practice of Pilates, the more you and your body will get out of it. Dropping in a  class without consistency also puts you at risk for injury.

EXTRA PILATES CLASS  If you’d like to take an extra Pilates class in addition to your regularly scheduled classes, you may do so without committing for the month. We’d be happy to let you know when space is available. These are paid as a single visit.

Reformer/Mat Classes

With no more than 5 people in a class, you’ll receive individual attention ensuring you are doing the exercises correctly to achieve maximum benefit. Our classes are fun, stimulating, and energizing. For a total of 55 minutes, the first half of class is matwork including the use of all small apparatus, props, (Magic Circle, Spine Corrector, Balls, Foam Roller, Bands). The second half is on the Reformer with its unlimited variety of exercises. With classes so small you’ll have instant workout buddies. We miss you when you are not there, and we care. 

Monday and Wednesday  9:00 am  and  5:00 pm,       Tuesday and Thursday   9:00 am,   5:30 pm,  and   6:30 pm

Reformer Classes

All work is done on the Reformer in these classes which are held on Saturdays. Limited to 5 people, you get that individual attention that helps you get the most out of your time. This 55-minute class is invigorating and challenging, a great way to start your weekend feeling good with lots of energy.

Saturdays   9:00am  and  10:00am

Tower Classes

Our new Tower classes, with only 4 people offers a more advanced level of Pilates training.  Tower exercises are more focused, controlled, and isolating. They challenge stability increasing core strength. They isolate and strengthen a weaker side. They improve flexibility with a variety of supported stretches.  More reliance on your body rather than the machine will have you super strong and sculpted.  The class is offered every other Monday at 6:00 pm. 

 $35 per class paid in advance

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