The Pilates Studio has in place some Policies to help things run smoothly and with consideration for all. Thank you in advance for adhering to these policies.

  • A 24 hour notice of cancellation is required in all sessions and classes.
  • If you give the 24 hour notice for missing  semi-privates and privates you will not be charged.
  • For classes, you may do a Make-up in any available class as long as you’ve given us 24 hours notice.
  • You will have a month from the day you miss to do your make-up as long as you are currently signed up in a class.
  • Make-ups are a courtesy and not guaranteed.
  • Cell phones need to be put on vibrate. Please take all calls outside.
  • Please Do not wear perfume or strongly scented lotions to class. Some people have allergies to perfume and it affects the instructor’s ability to breathe!
  • If you plan to sign up for the following month we ask that you have your check in by the 25th of the current month to hold your spot.

Be Aware:

The gates in the courtyard are closed at 5:30pm so you will have to park near Portobella’s restaurant and come up the elevator if your class is 5:00 pm or later.

What to Wear:

Leggings and a fitted top for women, bike shorts with workout shorts over them and t-shirt, though not a baggy one for men. The instructor will need to be able to see the placement of your body in order to correct your form.

Getting Started

We require 2 fundamental private lessons before being placed in a class or semi-private. In some cases the instructor may recommend additional privates.

First, call us to schedule your privates and check to see if there is space available in the class times you want. We will do our best to get you in the time slot you want.

Then arrive 15min before your appointment to fill out the health form.

We do have dressing rooms and a restroom.